Ways to Help - EarthTeamWork
Teamwork allows us to combine our strengths and experience to find solutions.
Below are a few descriptions of how you might be able to help. The general types of help include: 

Each team member is encouraged to select a Member-Id and create a simple profile.
Please use this Member-Id when submitting feedback or posting information to share.

Groups of members may wish to organize into teams around a topic or focus area.
Teams may wish to create their own unique Team-Id for easy reference.
Teams are encouraged to create their own communication system.

If you wish to create a local independent group for a geographic area, please do.
It might be helpful to create a Group-Id and place a profile here.
Remember to act as a team and that no group controls or has authority over another.

It is helpful if those who create Educational material using the standard Template create a unique Author-Id.
To standardize the search function, it is recommended to use 4 numbers + max 10 letters (ex. 1234JonGalt)
Material shared using the Template is open for free public use under a Creative Commons License.

No one is in charge or above anyone else. We are all equal. Each member leads by example.

The goal is to reduce or eliminate the chance for spam and unwanted communication.
We wish to create a decentralized communication system that is not dependent on a single source.
Members may wish to participate without sharing any personal information.

Feedback (by Padlet interactive Bulletin Board)
There are many different ways to help including:
-Create educational material using the Education Template
-Share material created by others by providing web links.
-Add Resource information like articles, books, video, etc.
-Spread the word on Social Media so others my benefit
-Identify organization and locations that need help
and much much more... Anything you share will send a message and create hope.