Educational Page Template - Simple single page of material delivered as JPG image file for easy sharing with simple technology like mobile phones.

Interactive Page Index - Provide interactive search ability and allow anyone to share material

Audio - Provide MP3 audio files freeing hands and vision (ex. mobile phone or MP3 speakers)

Video - Index, create, and share educational video

Posters - Provide poster creation and distribution system where paper materials can be used for larger audiences.

Murals - Create a system to index and share images that can be easily painted as educational murals.

Wireless Distribution - Utilize wireless distribution system independent of internet where necessary. (Ex Wireless Flash Drive)

Feedback (by Padlet interactive Bulletin Board)

Education ResourceShare free high quality educational material with anyone who wants to learn.

Provide material in a format that can be easily used and shared with minimal resources.

Offer decentralized team based creation and distribution system minimizing cost.

Empower individuals to contribute resources in a flexible manner that matches ability.

Design a modular system where steps work in parallel with minimal dependency.