Website Create

Building an interactive Website with free tools

Google Drive

Free online office package for creating and sharing all types of documents

Forms: for collecting data (including notification when new additions)

Sheets: for organizing information and interactive searchable display

Docs: word processing document for sharing and updating by designated editors

Slides: share interactive presentations

Drawing: Image editing and creation of web image maps making sections clickable

Photos: photo and album creation (integrated with Picasa image organizer)

YouTube: video embedding into website

Storage: store any type of file for sharing (above Google document types do not count towards storage limit)

Desktop: integration with local computer for editing documents offline (without internet access)

Voice: free phone number that will transcribe voice messages and forward to email

Awesome tables

Interactive searchable tables able to display text, images, chart summaries, map links, etc.

Examples =

Doc =

Newletter Creator

Google Domains

Purchase a pretty name for about $12/year to point back to your website

100 free email accounts + free privacy setting

Image URL for Google Drive (tested/working 2018-01)

Google Sites

Free website hosting after creating a free Gmail account