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Configure Google Analytics for Google Sites

Curious where your site's traffic is coming from or how people navigate around your site? To help monitor your site's traffic, you can add Google Analytics or Universal Analytics to your site.

Creating a new account in Google Analytics

To help you gain an even fuller understanding of how users are interacting with your online content, all new Google Analytics accounts are created with Universal Analytics. If you already have a Google Analytics account, you canupgrade to Universal Analytics from your original profile.

If you have already signed up for Google Analytics or you have a Google Account (in other words, you use any other Google service, such as Google Sites), sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, go to the Google Analytics signup page, click Sign up, and follow the prompts to create a Universal Analytics account.

We recommend you create a new Analytics account for each of your sites. On the "New Account" page, enter the following information:

Account Name: Choose what you want to call this account.

Website Name: Choose what you want to call the website you're tracking.

Website URL: Enter the URL for the site you're tracking.

If you've mapped your Google site to another web address, such as, enter that address.

If you haven't mapped your site to another web address, you need to enter your full site address, such as

Industry Category of the website and Reporting Time Zone.

Also on the "New Account" page, check or uncheck the boxes below "Data Sharing Settings" based on your preferences.

Click Get Tracking ID.

Read the Google Analytics Terms of Service. If you agree with these, click I Accept.

The next page contains your website tracking ID and a javascript code that you can install on pages of your site that you want to track.

Linking your Google Analytics account and your Google Site

After you create your new Google Analytics account, you will be directed to you Google Analytics profile screen, where the name of your tracked site should appear, followed by a Google Analytics account number in the format, 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X.' Copy this code -- known as your Analytics Web Property ID -- and go to the site that you want to track with Google Analytics.

On your site, click the Settings icon in the top-right and select Manage Site.

Under the Site Settings section, click General.

Click the drop-down menu below "Statistics" and switch to either Use Google Analytics or Use Universal Analytics, depending on what type of Analytics account you've set up.

Enter your Analytics Web Property ID in the associated box.

Click "Save changes."

If you want to link a new Universal Analytics account to a site that was already being tracked using Google Analytics, you'll have to upgrade your profile to Universal Analytics before following the steps above, and add in the new Universal Analytics Web Property ID.

It can take up to 24 hours for Analytics to detect your tracking code. To check if your site is being tracked, sign in to Google Analytics, go to your profile screen and look at the Website Profile tracking status message