Note: Moodle4Mac is NOT intended to be used for a production server on the Internet. It is only intended for installation on a local computer to test and develop, as it is not optimized for security.

Moodle4Mac packages also include a special Git update script, enabling you to easily update your Moodle site without needing to download the whole package again and without reinstalling all your courses.

You can also install the latest Moodle development version to find everything about upcoming opportunities and changes. However, please remember that a developer version is not yet a finished product, and thus may contain errors.

Moodle4Mac is based on the software MAMP. MAMP contains everything that is necessary for the operation of Moodle - the Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP scripting language. Packages are available for different Moodle versions. Please check which Moodle your institution (school, college, university, company) uses on its server so that you can swap your materials between the two platforms easily.

The complete install packages for Mac OS X are named Moodle4Mac and allow a very easy way to install Moodle on your Mac computer (laptop, desktop or test server). Moodle4Mac is available from Moodle packages for Mac OS X.

These packages contain Moodle plus all the other software needed to make it run on a Mac: Apache, MySQL and PHP. They are built using MAMP.

See the documentation Installation Package for OS X for details.

How To Install Package for OS X

Moodle packages for Mac OS X

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