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Please use/download the standardized single ET-Page Word Template above for

creating and sharing EarthTeamWork pages.

Click WordDocumentLink (to download and edit in Word)

or click GoogleDriveLink (to edit online in Google Drive)

Standard Fields (allow organizing and searching)

Title = Simple short title for page with most important words first (not all capital letters)

Description = List of keywords + brief description used when searching for page (+optional TinyURL)

Page_Id = Original creation date in 6 number date format YYMMDD + 15 letters (ex. 141225WaterClean)

Version = Two letter language code + 6 numbers of version date in format YYMMDD (ex. English 2014 Dec 25 = EN141225)

Auth_Id = Author identifier combining 4 numbers + max 10 letters (ex. 1234JonGalt)

General Overview (details behind system)

Goal: Create a system where material is simple to use, share, and organize for free without a dependent relationship on other documents

Size: Single sheet of paper output as a JPG image file (ex. use free PdFill Writer program to print to JPG Image file)

Sharing: JPG image files can be easily shared on all digital devices or printed if desired/possible

Technology: Target mobile phones as the most common least cost technology available in under resourced locations

Tracking: Create a simple system for tracking the author, document id, content, version, and language for future reference

Color: Simplify to black and white if possible assuming content may be photocopied in future

Copyright: Use free creative commons license to reduce copyright issues and encourage sharing

Original: Share online version of original text document for future modification and language translation (ex. http://fb.docs.com)

Posters: JPG image files can be easily converted to multi page poster format using free programs like Picasa

Distribution: Allow for creation and sharing of all materials in open network without central control

Rating: Use Document_Id to create index and rating system

Name: Use Document_Id as file name for simple search and organizing

Software: utilize free open source software such as LibreOffice, PdFill Writer, Picasa

Dependency: design modular independent content where each page/image stands alone

Measurable: attempt to build content which can be easily measured (ex. time in seconds to complete at 100% accuracy)

Examples: select the most simple examples possible with least cultural bias, prejudice, or assumption

Tag: always include EarthTeamwork, Document_Id, and Aurhor_Id in tags, keywords, caption, etc... to improve online searching

ShortURL: attempt to use Short URL reference inside document description for easy tracking (ex. https://goo.gl or http://tinyurl.com )

Storage: use a free flexible distributed storage system such as Google Drive, FB.docs.com, Google+ Photos, Facebook, etc.

Torrents: collections of pages by topic can be combined and freely distributed using torrent sharing (ex. uTorrent)

Free Tools (create and share)